Kitchen Cabinet

Our kitchen cabinets come RTA (ready to assemble), which doesn't require expensive tools to put together. To have a fully assembled kitchen in less than a day, you'll need the following:

  • drill driver works best (impact drill can strip the wood and cause the screws to spin & not hold grip if you use too much power)
  • manual screw driver (when in doubt, use this tool to have full control of driving the screw into the wood)
  • drill bit set (for creating pilot holes before screwing the undermount glides holder underneath the drawer box)
  • wood glue (for assembling body of cabinet and dovetail drawer box)
  • soft faced hammer (for assembling drawer box)
  • scrap 2x4 wood for assembling dovetail drawers and avoiding dovetail tail splits

** Some sizes are either very low in stock or sold out. Check with us if you're looking for specific items **