Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pickup my order?

After paying for your order, we will begin to prepare the items. Please wait for a notification via Email or Text before showing up to pickup your order. We will send the "Ready" notification once all of the items in the order are prepared.

Please have your order number ready when picking up.


What is your return policy?

Please see our Return Policy page for more details.


How can I make changes to my order?

Send an email ( to make revisions.

Items bound for returns must be in our possession prior to issuing refunds.

Items bound for loading must be fully paid for prior to loading or delivery.


Do you offer discounts to businesses and trade professionals?

It really depends on the volume and risk. Naturally, low risk customers with larger volume can expect lower prices and priority service.


Can I still purchase an product that is out of stock?

We recommend to hold off until the product is in stock before making the purchase. We will notify you of the estimated arrival date of the products and add you to our priority list.

Please note that some items will not be as easy to restock. This must be considered carefully for larger projects — i.e., multi family homes, apartments, and condominiums.

Send us an email at with your specific requests and we'll reply as soon as possible.